Website new look and feel

Some much needed updates to really present our whole portfolio. Theres been a bunch going on at Creative Branding, we had a great summer at our Ballard offices and have moved out to focus services in more agile way. The team has shifted around and continue to be in close contact with current projects.

You’ll see some new updates in the coming weeks as I will be opening up some of the creative process. I think being transparent with how we plan and develop solutions is key in building trust. Being confident you do something well should not be hidden, and that starts with revealing it to others.

Not only does revealing our creative process to others build trust with our clients and followers, but opens our methods for outside criticism. This criticism not only improves our creative process but supports the overall evolution of the creative community.


  • blksrfc on Oct 10, 2011 Reply

    site looks great.
    clean, simple…sexy.

    • Anonymous on Oct 10, 2011 Reply

      Thanks..Changes coming over next few weeks as well.

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